M Atkinson Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

If you are needing a Spare Car Key, if youv'e Lost All Keys to your car or have locked your keys in your car we are here to help.

With over 14 years experience and a fully kitted van we can make new keys for most makes and models of vehicle at your home, work or even by the roadside, we can also gain non destructive entry to your vehicle if you have managed to accidently lock them in.

Spare Car Keys

We can cut and program a spare car key for your car using high quality parts to ensure you get a key that will last the test of time, we offer 12 months warranty on all keys provided by ourselves

All Keys Lost

If you have lost your only car key or heaven forbid had them stolen we can cut a new key to fit your door and ignition lock and then program it to your car and at the same time disable or delete your old keys from the cars memory so as to stop any unauthorised persons from being able to start your car.


If you have managed to lock your key in the car, or even if your blaming the kids or the dog, we can get you back into your car using non destructive entry techniques, this means we wont smash a window or break your lock to gain entry.


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